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Dear valued, precious client...

I've had a very good run with Web Page Design SA - one that I would gladly continue if I did not feel that I need to start focussing my talents and shifting priorities.

In April 2012 I was offered the position of Creative Manager at Certech.

In July 2014 I accepted the position of Creative Director at OUTBOXED™ Digital Marketing, and want to grasp the opportunity with both hands.

As such I haven't taken on any new projects in my private capacity since mid-2012.

If you require a bulk email solution, website design or logo design, please do not hesitate to contact the OUTBOXED™ sales team, and request that I be assigned to your project.

Thank you so much for your support through the years, and I hope you'll allow me to continue delivering the quality work you've come to expect of me by becoming a valued OUTBOXED™ client.

Warm regards

JC Nieuwenhuizen


"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." -Pablo Picasso

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